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Frequently Asked Questions


Hi, we're
Sexfulness Peach - the 1st international sex school with online video courses. 

Our mission is to promote sex education and sexual well-being worldwide! We're here to help you unlock new levels of pleasure and leave lackluster, boring sex behind.

We offer hundreds of practical video courses (18+), which were prepared for you by 12 highly professional sexologists. No useless pictures, cartoon penises, long stories.


What if you could transform your love life after
watching a 5-minute video?

Unlike the widespread belief that you should intuitively “know” how to turn on and satisfy your partner, the truth is that sexual mastery is teachable and trainable

That’s why we:

  • have a team of 12 professional sex therapists who put their knowledge together and thoroughly design our courses
  • offer 150+ video tutorials across a variety of topics related to sex, intimacy, personal care, self-love, and more
  • launch educational courses for lovers with little to no experience and advanced views alike
  • publish new classes monthly to cover all the most demanded sex topics and promote sexual wellbeing worldwide
  • show individuals how to unleash their sexual potential and get an adventurous and passionately fulfilling love life

Your Sexfulness Peach learning journey can unlock truly amazing opportunities — we'll tell you all secrets of male and female sexuality and teach you how to feel confident in bed and become a mind-blowing lover, masterfully using our practical sex tips and juicy techniques. 

We don’t just tell but show you how to make your sex life brighter and enjoy yourself and your partner.

No matter who you are, no matter how complex your situation, or how multiple your issues of concern are, we welcome you!


We unlock the mysteries of successful sexual and romantic relationships that only 1% of population knows!

Whatever you want help with, our video tutorials will let you get what you want! We look forward to working with you in the months to come – and we encourage you to take full advantage of the learning opportunities on our platform!

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What makes us different?

  • We provide a wide range of tutorials that actively engage our members and revolutionize their love life in a flash.
  • Our content doesn't include any nudity and depictions of sexual acts.
  • Our courses are prepared by 12 professional sexologists who combine their deep sex knowledge with the most up-to-date teaching approaches to achieveing sexual relationships everyone dreams about.
  • In videos, our speakers present all techniques with the help of toys so that no explicit content is included.
  • We share our work with the whole world through our Instagram account and YouTube channel and send emails with practical tips to our audience.
  • Our courses have taught hundreds of couples and individuals how to spice things up in the bedroom


We believe everyone can find sexual happiness with some guidance from professional experts.

We're on a mission to make as many people genuinely happy and sexually satisfied! We do our best to create valuable content that will bring you closer to the sex, love, and relationships you’ve always craved.

And we really to help as many people as possible! That's why we offer all of our courses for a very good price. 

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You see there's no sense in your spending $300-500 on expensive sex coaches, counselors, or workshops if you can take our online lessons on any sex-related topic. Our courses are fully comprehensive and provide you with everything you need to upgrade all aspects of your intimate life and turn your sex into a magical, pleasurable experience!  

Are you ready for
your amazing Sexfulness Peach  journey?