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If you're struggling with your sex life, relationships, intimacy, self-confidence, or sexuality, you've come to the right place.

As professional sexologists, qualified sex therapists, and relationships counselors, we are offering:

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We understand that everyone needs support in establishing and sustaining passionate sex life, and a meaningful relationship. 

We will connect you with a professional, licensed therapist in a comfortable studio in London or in an online session room. You can send a message to your therapist anytime, and you can also schedule a weekly phone, video, or live chat session with your therapist if needed.

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Canary Wharf
30 Churchill Place
London E14 5RE

4 bestselling books with FREE delivery!

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Find practical advice and solutions for overcoming common challenges in intimate relationships! From low confidence to performance issues, these books equip you with the tools to navigate through difficult times and revitalize your love life.

Here's what you get:

  • Sensual Symphony: Our (science-backed and proven to work)¬†techniques and strategies to awaken sensuality and confidence¬†even if that seems like a dream right now‚Ķ¬†
  • Relationship Renovation:¬†Expert tips and tricks to strengthen your bond¬†that are guaranteed to¬†revolutionize¬†your relationship.
  • Unique¬†guide to¬†mind-blowing skills¬†that'll help you reignite the spark and enhance your love life FAST ‚ÄĒ and turn into the queen every man dreams about.
  • The¬†relationship playbook:¬†Make your relationship¬†thrive,¬†resolve issues, and¬†rediscover a happy, fulfilling relationship¬†in just two weeks!

Wanna get a hard or soft copy of the books for $250?

We currently offer two convenient options for obtaining your hard copy books: collection from one of our studios or delivery right to your doorstep.

1. Collection from the studio

If you opt to pick up the books from one of our studios, we will curate a pack of 4 books based on your order within 5 days. We will reach out to you with the details of your order and coordinate a convenient time for pickup.

The studios' location:

  • Paddington, 5 Merchant Square, London W2 Q1AY
  • Canary Wharf 30 Churchill Place London E14 5RE¬†

2. UK and international delivery

For orders using our free delivery service, please note that delivery may take up to 7 days. We will ensure that your books are carefully packed and shipped to you as quickly as possible. 

3. Digital version

To opt for the digital version, simply select the "digital version" option during the ordering process. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive the guides directly to your email.

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